Episode 43 - Kate Ashwin and Widdershins!

April 25, 2016

Kate Ashwin, creator of the popular webcomic Widdershins joins the ACP gang this week to talk about her brilliant book series. They talk about how the strip came to be, her path to becoming a full time webcomic creator, her influences and so much more. Being a webcomic veteran, she is also a fountain of knowledge in the genre and theres loads of useful information for budding creators out there. Not only that, but theres talk of 'graphic novels', late night Bingo moderators, Old school egg based computer games and TV shows and so much more! Also Kate googles everything that we talk about, Vince drops a couple of bad jokes and rightfully gets shot down, Dan describes a WalMart experience and Tony suggests using DNA as a competition prize. Despite technical issues on the night, this show turned out to be an unmissable one, and if you can guess where the edits are you can win a prize (NOTE: This is a complete lie, but we will give you a high five)

It's a bloodbath in the AWESOME GAMES this week as more deaths are dramatically announced!! With an absolutely epic guest narrator that has to be heard to be believed its a report thats not to be missed! Who got bumped off this week? You'll just have to listen to find out!

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