Episode 114 - Fantasy Comics! (w/MD Penman)

September 4, 2017


This week the gang are joined by MD Penman (Eimurian Tales) to step into the epic world of the Fantasy genre! From the mighty Conan to the political world of Westeros, all things fantastical are discussed, from the challenge of creating these vast world, character design and more. Theres plenty of talk about Marks brilliant story 'Eimurian Tales' and his process of creating a unique character-driven fantasy world and artwork. Theres also more Game of Thrones talk than we've ever had before, a game of 'Is this Fantasy?', some great listener questions and also a bit of video game talk too!

Plus this week we have an amazing intro courtesy of Scott Psionic, check out his great work here!

Great stuff to check out this week: MD Penman, Eimurian Tales, The Waterbringer Vol 1, Vietnam Zombie Holocaust, Cult Empire Comics, Turok, Whispers in the Walls, Humanoids, Barbarian Lord, Mat Smith, By Chance or Providence, Becky Cloonan, The Marquis Inferno, Guy Davis, Berserk, Blade of the Immortal, The Legend of La Mariposa, Thought Bubble 2017, Nottingham Comic Con 2017, Nottingham Comic Con Charity KS Campaign

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