Episode 107 - European Comics! (w/Jerome Saincantin)

July 17, 2017

Over the past few months there has been more than a few European graphic novels that have appeared in the recommendation part of the Awesome Pod. Theres a reason for this - they are amazing. With that in mind, the gang decided to get together to talk about the epic world of undiscovered gems from Europe and are joined by longtime Cinebook translator Jerome Saincantin. Theres talk of the work that goes into translating some of the epic books for english speaking audiences, the way comics and books are viewed in Europe and as the film is just around the corner there is plenty of Valerian talk! Its a great look into a world of comics that some readers may not be aware of, but should truly check out. Plus theres a catch up about a small press comic event, some Doctor Who talk and all three of the hosts recommend a European series you need to check out. Don't miss it!

Great stuff to check out this week: Cinebook, Valerian, Cinebook on Izneo, Cinebook on ComixologyLong John Silver, Alone, The Metabarons, Humanoids, Incognito Vol 1: Perfect VictimsEurope Comics, Isabellae, Isabellae: Under the Tomb of 500 Kings, Incredible Comic Shop Event

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